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Rio+20 failed. Two decades after the Earth Summit of 1992 not only governments, but also civil society has failed to create big change. We are caught in the concrete jungle of an unsustainable civilization and we can't find the way out.

The Concrete Jungle Network (CJN) is an attempt at mutually inspiring us to find the way...


The Situation

What's wrong

Individualism vs. Community

Money-driven society

  • From Culprits to Saviors by Herbert Docena describes how business (i.e. money) is not confronted as the root of the crisis, but rather appealed to by governments. We don't manage to hold businesses accountable for the damage they do.

Climate Science

Fossil Energy

Integration of Analyses

  • The Transition Treaty puts forward a way to transition out of the age of fossil energy globally. It leaves out the community question, but includes the other issues (climate science, fossil energy, money-driven economy).

Ways forward

Overall Strategy

  • We must combine NOs to the expansion of fossil fuel extraction with many YESs, meaning local, sustainable, non-fossil solutions for human needs. See this image.
  • Transition to post-carbon is the name of the game. That implies deep structural changes, not little fixes. If we are not contributing to structural change, we are possibly wasting our time, because economic (fossil) growth will eat up all the little savings in no time.
  • We need a process for creating a common agenda and build a community around it.
  • We must change the mainstream of the economy, not just some actors at the fringes.
  • Always do a reality check: what's new about this? So many things have been tried and done over the last decades. For any new initiative, analyze similar ones that have been done (and failed to achieve big global change) and ask the questions: why would you succeed, what's different about your approach? Cooperating with those initiatives or at least talking to them for advice is also highly encouraged.

Seeds of Solution

Strategic Levers

  • A Climate Change Systems Analysis has brought out that besides the "Global Deal" that everyone focussed on for Copenhagen in 2009, carbon intensity of development patterns and especially cheap supply of fossil fuels could be important levers. This has lead to the establishment of the Leave it in the Ground Coalition (LINGO) with a focus on ending extraction of fossil fuels and developing local, regional and national Zero Fossils Plans. Fossil fuel subsidies and mitigation targets also provide opportunities, because they are part of strong positive feedback loops.
  • The Fossils Lobby seems to be a very powerful factor. Other candidates are Fossil R&D and the Image of Fossils. (see: Systems Analysis of our Fossil Civilization, the second step that tries to zoom in on the fossil fuels question)
  • What other strategic levers are there?

Action Proposals

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