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I am offering City Tours in the center of San Cristóbal de las Casas and hikes in the surrounding mountainside. It is meant to be a different City Tour, where we don't just look at the monuments and churches, but rather try and understand the ecological, ethnological and social history of Chiapas and of San Cristóbal. Of course that is connected to Mexico, Mesoamerica, North America and even world politics.

The tours can be done in English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, 中文 (Chinese). Contact: Kjell 044-967-1053425, kjell.kuehne @



City Tour

Cathedral – Andador – Santo Domingo – Market (fotos) – Cerrillo Quarter – Guadalupe Church – Tierradentro Café – Parque Central. (2:00 h)

Peje de Oro

Cathedral – Market – Cerrillo Quarter – Cuxtitali Quarter – Peje de Oro Valley – Caves – City Center. (3:30 h)


Cathedral – Market – Arcotete Natural Wonder (fotos, more fotos) – Río Fogótico – Guadalupe Church (optional) – City Center. (4 h)


Cathedral – Market – Moxviquil Natural Reserve – La Hormiga Settlement – Museum of Maya Medicine (optional) – City Center. (4 h)


Cathedral – Mountain Zoo – View over San Cristóbal – Santa Anita Sacred Site – Cemetery (optional) – City Center. (5 h)

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