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Check out our C+ COY7 Project Introduction!

Via Campesina talks of "cooling the planet". COY7 which is to take place in Durban, South Africa from November 25-27, immediately before COP17 will be the first "really cool" COY!

C+ COY7 is about making sure that the event leaves the planet a cooler place, not a hotter place. Therefore we need to make sure that as little fossil fuels as possible are burnt. We need to account for all of them. And we need to plant trees that will absorb the carbon we are releasing in the atmosphere and store it for a few decades - enough time for us to complete the transformation to a zero fossils 100% renewable world economy. Help us make it happen! Register your planted trees here!

Accounting for fossil GHG emissions

Raunak, Suman and friends from India are working on this.

Tree planting partners

You can plant trees in your city and dedicate them to COY7. This way you can participate in COY7 in a very special way, by temporarily taking the carbon back out of the atmosphere and storing it in trees. (We are also working on making online participation happen.)

Planting partners:

  • Bangladesh
  • Cameroon: Divine
  • Fiji: Romita
  • India: Suman, Raunak & friends
  • Japan: Anna
  • Marshall Islands: Helpy
  • Mexico: Kjell, San Cristóbal; Paulina & Carolina, Cancún; Fernanda, Mérida
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines: Rey
  • South Africa: Ruth, Grahamtown; Mamoloko, Johannesburg; Lauren and Melissa, Cape Town
  • UK: Neva, UKYCC


  • Amara, Canada (individuals of CYCC)
  • Christina, Solomon Islands
  • Jamie, Scotland, UK
  • Kritisha, Durban, South Africa
  • Victoria, USA
  • Yannick, DR Congo

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