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DR Congo, Somalia, Chiapas, Moldova and many other places around the world suggest the question: What is the future of the nation state? At the moment we are looking at some kind of hegemony of the Occidental concept of a nation state. If you are not a member of the United Nations, have a parliament, a president, elections, a constitution, etc. you don't really exist. Or at least you are not to take seriously. But all these institutions have a certain cultural and historic background. And this background is not shared by the bigger part of the world's population. That is why I believe that the current standard form of nation states will develop into a much more diverse set of forms in the future. We would do good in questioning whether it is desirable to implement this standard westernized form of nation state everywhere in the world, no matter how alien it is for the local people.

The way ahead lies in accepting diversity and looking for and promoting different forms of governance such as the Juntas de Buen Gobierno in Chiapas or others which I have yet to discover.

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