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  • inaktive LV rausnehmen

Wish List

  • schlagkräftiges Team: Emails abarbeiten - forwarden plus selber machen (map who does which countries - any leftovers??), Brainstorming LV wishlist mit anderen: Nancy, Ashraf, Engin, Tiziano, Juan Carlos,...., Skype-Meeting zu der Frage "wie geht's weiter?"
  • Training Manual
  • Pictures for the LV Manual
  • programming wish list
  • "automatisches" System (ohne Intervention der zentralen Koordinatoren)
  • kontrollierte Integration mit CS, BW, Servas, etc. - Strategie entwerfen (Kontakt mit CS-, BW- & Servas-Vols)
  • Manual that explains all features of the site in detail


  • we are building a team
  • Jessicas Thema
  • the comment mechanism, abuse scenarios and security (Vols, get comments yourself!!)
  • how to form a group, inform Kjell, remove inactive volunteers
  • how to use conferences and other events for the Hospitality Club
  • the message system, spam check and running times
  • Simon's suggestions

[1] meeting organisation, meeting invitation, camps and parties (already planned, right?]

[2] media: whom to contact, where to find examples, how to collect & where to send media reports, what to say in interviews, how to handle tricky questions, which team to get involved into if deeper interest and skills.

[3] organising your local community: suggested an guest-written newsletter by tarion (great writing style!) with his personal story how the HC hamburg crew got one of the most active ones in germany :-) (still need to ask him if he is willing to write this story, but i am quite optimistic)

[4] more than local volunteering: up to date report in which administration teams more volunteers are needed, whom to contact, which skills to bring, which problems to face

[5] Hospitality Club cooperations on the local level: ideas and reports how HC can get involved into local cultural scene. kiwiflaves university cooperation in freiburg (international club) as an example. other examples maybe existing?

[6] Hospitality Club ambassadors: what are ambassadors (ask kiwiflave for his thoughts and well-done definition), what can they do, where is the difference to a LV, what do to if you wanna become or suggest one, which problems to face (no coord. in the moment), future outlook

[7] behind the scene: who runs HC? (better postponed till the situation got better, but still worth it:) give a interested written overview how HC is organised and run, which problems to face, which solutions were found, what the future (legal aspects, growth, ...) might bring.

[8] geography at it's best: how to improve the geo-database. newsletter about a suggested "week of geowork" where local volunteers get in touch with their countries' geo-volunteer to clean up regions, cities and countries. describe the idea behind a member-build structure, describe tricyk cases (cosovo), describe the procedure if LVs wanna get involved deeper

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