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  • Luxury goods are consumed by persons who have their basic human needs met.



  • Luxury goods should be a spearhead for ecologically sustainable and socially just economical structures.
  • A global consensus for the special responsability that comes with the position in which one can consume luxury goods, should be easy to reach.
  • The highest social and ecological standards should apply to luxury goods.
  • In a complementary way to the consume of very rich persons, there should be mechanisms in society that lead these persons towards investing their wealth into public wellbeing. A category of "Benefactor of the Nation" in different levels could be created that encourages financially successful individuals to invest their wealth into the wellbeing of the general public. There could also be "Benefactors of Humanity". If this system works, alongside the standards for luxury goods, rich people in each country would all make a special contribution towards a more sustainable and just society.

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