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Our representational democracy is in a crisis. It is not solving the big problems of our times. A new type of democracy will be needed to overcome this crisis. This is my concept.

I need to compare this to Benjamin Barber's "Strong Democracy"


  • People mostly don't trust their politicians. They choose the "lesser evil".
  • Our democracies rely on debate as an important mechanism.
  • Most political processes are brought to a point where it is a digital decision: for or against.
  • I can only vote for one party at a time, but do not necessarily agree with their political programme in all points. In those, where I agree, the party is then effectively representing me, in those where I don't agree, it is not.


  • Communication within the political system relies on destructive communication to a big extent. That makes it inefficient.
  • The best people don't get involved in politics, because they know that it is a dirty business.
  • Lobbies do not need to care about other parts of society. A system that relies on selfishness and ignorance of other needs is immature.
  • As long as individuals are taking decisions out of their own representative power, they will be vulnerable to corruption from financially or otherwise powerful actors.


  • Organize participatory processes, open to anyone who would like to get involved.
  • The politician should not be the one to take the decisions: all stakeholders should develop the solution together.
  • The politician should only facilitate the process of arriving of the generally accepted solution.
  • In an open process, no hidden interests will be involved in developing a solution. Interests will either be brought to the table, for everyone to consider, or they will not be considered in the process.
  • In an open stakeholder process, only those who are actually affected will take the pains to participate. They are the right persons to decide about the issues that affect them.
  • Eliminate digital decisions as much as possible from the political process, in order to encourage Constructive Communication and unity and avoid polarization and Destructive Communication.
  • Citizen's jurys or similar forms of citizen participation should be a standard part of all political decision making. They can be used as a complement in the first place and get a more important role with time.

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