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If consumers have all the information about a product accessible, products that are better for the planet and for people will naturally have an advantage. So consumer information laws can be an important first step. But businesses can also go the first step alone. If it becomes established by one actor on the market to open up and transparently provide all information, suspicion will naturally fall on the others if they don't react. In times of internet, it is possible and easy to make all relevant information about social and ecological backpacks of a product available! Labels will then have even more importance, because they will help to separate fact from fiction in the display of information of each company.

  • One first step in this direction is Dole's initiative to give you a code on each banana and then you can check which farm it is from on their internet site "Dole Organic".

This kind of initiative needs to be strengthened, deepened, widened, made common practice....

  • Another important step on the way is Barcoo which brings you information about a product from the internet onto your cell phone by scanning its barcode.

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