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Wikipedia is a great tool. It can be made even more powerful if we use it for facilitating change in society. This can be done by adding information that will help to push the ecologic and social agenda forward.

If a company or a politician does bad stuff, it should show up in Wikipedia almost immediately. Since Wikipedia articles are meant to grow, not to be cut back, those things will eternally stay there. This is their public record and it will never ever get erased. Once politicians and companies realize that, they will start getting much more careful.

How can we get this organized on a broad scale?

  • Find volunteers and people interested in this idea. Among wikipedia volunteers, in NGOs, among students, in social movements.
  • Use mailinglists (about human rights, etc.) and news channels for finding targets and processing them in a standardized way.
  • Link from other pages to the wikipedia article after expanding it to improve the google rating.
  • Stick to quality standards (e.g. always citing sources), so that there will be no loss of effort due to editing out by "quality watchdogs" on wikipedia.
  • Design a strategy and priorities according to criteria such as ("changeability", i.e. how likely a change in the exposed problem is, "gravedad", i.e. whether people are going to get hurt, getting hurt right now, going to die or dying right now).

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