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The contents of this page are the outcome of a series of meetings and workshops held during COY6 and COP16 in Cancun in November and December 2010. They are currently awaiting continuation, but have inspired some projects and initiatives, such as Generation Zero and LINGO.



One line shared vision:

A just and peaceful transformation to a carbon neutral world by Dec 5, 2050

The next step involved identifying the critical areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve that vision. We identified 7 broad focus areas. There could be more than these 7 focus areas in reality or even less, but ultimately we have to start somewhere and if required redefine structures when we learn more about detail. Within each of these 7 categories we then identified a few immediate priorities that could be taken on in 2011. For now we are looking to build teams around each of the 7 basic categories so that the details can be fleshed out and work can begin back home.

Economic Transformation

This involves the macro and micro economic changes that need to occur in order to create a truly sustainable global economy. Which could mean moving away from the current growth based model to a Steady State Economy, as well as redefining 'Prosperity' beyond simply material wealth, to reduce consumption in rich countries and encourage poorer nations to develop down a less destructive path.

Priority Issues/Short Term Objectives

  • Communication
  • Localized and self-sufficient economies
  • Genuine progress indicators
  • Green taxes

People working on this: Kirk, Paul & Aslihan

Social Transformation

This involves the social transformation that must occur whereby individuals develop a greater sense of global and intergenerational responsibilities and as a result more readily make small day to day changes in behaviour and, more importantly, accept the larger systemic changes that need to happen.

Priority Issues/Short Term Objectives

  • Develop the “I'm carbon neutral” identity in the average person
  • Make the identity visible and with constant reminding
  • Reinforce identity by making it visible to friends and family.

People working on this: Tim

Political Transformation

Most governments at present are not equipped to deal with long term challenges such as climate change that require cross party support and much greater participation by the community. Also the civil society movement on climate change in many crucial countries is still underdeveloped.

Priority Issues/Short Term Objectives

  • Build US political power for elections
  • Embolden/support Africa campaign before COP17
  • Organize national successful campaigns in UK or Germany, Brazil, India, South Africa
  • Organize visible, powerful, beautiful display of global movement.

People working on this: Jeremy from 350

Technological Transformation

This would involve a transformation in the way goods and services are produced in order to improve both efficiency and the effectiveness. e.g. Cradle to cradle design, etc

Turning off supply of fossil fuels

Ultimately carbon emissions are dependent on availability of fossil fuel energy, and by working to restrict supply at the source as oppsed to demand we could make significant gains towards a sustainable economy.

Priority Issues/Short Term Objectives

  • Political Consensus on limiting fossil supply
  • Sufficient sustainable energy
  • Stop fossil frontier R&D
  • Connect climate & fossil policies
  • STOP Fossil subsidies
  • STOP bank investments

People working on this: Raunak, Kjell

Getting a Global Deal on CC

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Understanding system dynamics

Each of the above areas have overlap with each other and interact in multiple way, but in order to address them we do have break them down in broader categories. However, ultimately there is a need for greater coordination and understanding of how everything interacts.

Priority Issues/Short Term Objectives

  • Understanding this field of work, learning and spreading awareness on systems way of thinking
  • Applying process like the meshwork in more areas
  • Connecting new works with new workers
  • Connecting global commons, wiser earth, commonwealth, new economics
  • Doing a meshwork for GCCA,,

People working on this: Rishab

Things to look into


Good resources

  • Politik des Herzens, Geseko von Lüpke




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